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You shut your goddamn carbon-taxin’ mouth – Geoff Lemon

A nice bit of perspective as Australia debates a price on carbon.

Edward Tufte’s “Slopegraphs” – Charlie Park

For the data visualization people out there. Park searches for and analyzes visualizations that take the form of Tufte’s rarely adopted “slopegraph”.

Silicon Valley Culture, but in San Francisco? – Damon Darlin

The City of San Francisco has provided Twitter with massive tax-breaks to keep them in the city, and hopefully rejuvenate a blighted area of the Tenderloin. Are the tax breaks going to do much good if the employees enjoy catered lunches, private gyms, and rarely leave their office?

Keep Calm and Carry On – Alexandra Lange

You don’t need to be a soccer fan to enjoy this one, if you enjoy excellent sports writing, here’s a brilliant example.

The healthy future of the web industry maybe short-lived – Gavin Elliott

It’s clear that that educational institutions aren’t even close to keeping up with the demands of the internet industry. Elliott starts to consider what this might mean for our industry in the long term. For further reading see The UX Design Education Scam by Andy Rutledge.

Why founding a three-person startup with zero revenue is better than working for Goldman Sachs. – Antonio

Says little about working for a start-up, but an interesting and rather scathing insight into working on Wall Street.

I’m Gonna Need You to Fight Me On This: How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD – Mac McClelland

An intense autobiographical piece of journalism. The story starts in Haiti, one year after the the “earthquake that shook the country into ugly chaos.” Also see this response from a group of female journalists and researchers who have lived and worked in Haiti.

How An Introverted Engineer Came Out Of His Shell To Lead Mozilla – Kermit Pattison

Exactly as the title says.

Hierarchies Kill – Ash Fontana

Advice for keeping your company “flat” (as written about by Jason Fried of 37signals). For further reading see You weren’t meant to have a boss by Paul Graham.

A Walk in the Woods With Mark Zuckerberg – Nick Bilton

Ever imagined going on a romantic walk in the woods with world’s richest man under 30? It could happen.

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