Nathan McGinness

The End of Client Services

Basically, I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to design great user experiences then that old model of being a design contractor or a studio or an agency would not work. Instead, it’s necessary to be a part of the company that owns the product, to be in a position where I can continually work on and improve the product without the artificial constraints of a services contract.

Khoi Vinh, the author of popular design blog Subtraction, previous Design Director for the NY Times, and previous founder of a design studio reflects on his recent decision to start his own company (more info on that is said to be coming soon).

Anyone who has worked in a digital studio will empathize with Vinh’s story. A team puts great work into the first iteration of a product only to see the money dry up, the contract end, and a product neglected when it most needs love – after real users get their hands on it!

Well written piece, and a nice (perhaps a little more considered) follow-up to Ben Pieratt’s recent article.

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