Nathan McGinness

The Problem with All-Star Teams

It’s gobbling up a remarkable amount of talent — an All-Star Team, if you will. The problem with all-star rosters, of course, is that as a team they often suck. It’s an odd phenomenon, but if you put too much greatness in the same room, things don’t always turn out so… great.

Matt Drance wonders if Facebook are taking a risk by putting too much talent in the same room. It’s an odd concern. A individual doesn’t need talent to ruin a good team (but ego might help). This all boils down to the individuals involved and Facebook’s ability to give their brilliant new talent scope and room to work. One thing is for sure, you don’t lower your recruitment standards out of a superstitious belief that an “All-Star team” is going to fail.

To be fair, the article acknowledges this and the leadership challenges involved, but ends by wondering if Facebook can replicate Apple’s design driven success. Why an Apple (or Steve Jobs) comparison is necessary I’m not sure, but seeing important companies put such great value in design is encouraging to see – no need for alarm bells.

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