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Valve Handbook for New Employees

Full of personality, humour and thoughtful business strategy. Companies are rarely built with this much care.

Designers Are Taking Over Silicon Valley – Gerry Shih

Let’s stop pretending that you can be a ‘rock-star’ without being a band.

A Baseline for Front-End Developers – Rebecca Murphey

Bookmark this bad-boy if you’re actually serious about learning to code.

Instagram is the Cruelest App, Breeding – Robert Josiah Bingaman

If you’re not sick of reading about Instagram I suggest this cultural, artful, and considered piece.

An Essay on the New Aesthetic – Bruce Sterling

I’m not going to try and summarize this one. A wonderful starting point if you think “The New Aesthetic” sounds cool and want to join the creative digital elite.

A Feeling of Lightness – Tim Riley

Colleague and mate Tim cranks out great code and helps run Icelab from the Philippines. I hate clutter, and have started from scratch twice in the last 18 months so can certainly relate with his sentiments here. Get rid of things. It feels good.

The Current Rage In Branding: Fake Authenticity Is Now A-Okay – Michael Raisanen

Pairs well with Bingaman’s Instagram piece above. Take a look as this too. Hard to tell where the irony starts and stops.

My Notes on Writing an e-book – Jonathan Snook

Technical but a great resource for anyone considering self-publishing.

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