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A Year of Rdio – Rob Weychert

A statistical anaylsis of how a year of living with Rdio changed one man’s purchasing and listening habits. Some useful insights here, but I’m not sold on his ‘investment’ concept: that buying discrete chunks of music makes us better, more focussed listeners. How about the (totally free) mixtape your first love made you? The band you downloaded because you noticed their t-shirt on someone you look up to? Social factors are far more influencial, and companies like Rdio are in great position to fully realize this.

Sketchbook: Domus magazine on iPad – Dan Hill

The always brilliant Dan Hill reflects on how Domus Magazine made it’s way to the iPad. Some lovely sketches, and proof of what a small, distributed design team can achieve if they’re sensible and focussed.

Oliver Reichenstein on design

Great interview with a great designer.

Rethinking Sleep – David K. Randall

For all the science, books, and doctors we’re not that good at sleep. Maybe we need to stop obsessing about 8 uninterupted hours?

Why the Social Media Revolution Is About to Get a Little Less Awesome – Derek Thompson

“The first few years of the social media revolution have been a golden age of tech utilitarianism, where maximizing users’ delight was considered, quite literally, the only currency that mattered. In Part II of the revolution, the desired currency is poised to change from attention to profit.”.

What it’s like to work for Stripe – Alex Maccaw

I’m bullish on Stripe.

What Facebook’s New Campus Design Tells Us About the Company – Emily Chertoff

Concise critique of this Geary/Facebook partnership.

Your Content, Now Mobile – Karen McGran

Read chapter 1 of Content Strategy for Mobile before you buy it.

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